The days are getting longer! They have been sunny and beautiful, what an auspicious start  to springtime in Alaska! I do not have to leave my porch light on when I go to work, I take the dog for her walk and get home in time for the last bit of sun.  And these cold, clear winter days produce spectacular sunsets!  I sit on the couch, wine in hand and entertain myself simply watching the language of sky and sun.

Today, my kitty joined me, sitting on the back of the couch, she stared intently, a moment of wondering, watching the sun set as well, or perhaps it was a plump little duck splashing in a tide-pool puddle that she was watching, but in either case, she was silhouetted.  Framed in the window.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 8.09.09 AM

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