Between Clover and Dampened Earth

white sheep on field during golden hour time
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

The Farmer's Field

Today  I walk
With my lover,
My footstep light,
Against the dewy ground,
His steps

Morning mist,
Curls around us,
And it is only 
He and I,
There in the fog.

We walk without words,
Our footsteps
Our breath
Make soft sounds,
Yet the earth is stirring,
Waking noisily.
Insects chirp,
Birds sing merrily.
The call of the farmer,
His family,
In the distance,
The bark of his dog.
Lamb's mournful pleas,
Mothers respond.

Through light clouds,
Over low hills,
A buttery sun kisses
The dense sod 
An ancient earthiness, 
Trapped there
Between the cloverand the dampened earth.


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