To Be “On Fleek”

I hesitated when I saw this prompt – Fleek.  It took me right back to one of the last years I was in the classroom.  And this simple prompt reminded me of what I miss about being in the classroom.

Over the years I found some really tried and true activities.  One of them was around Valentines day.  It was a “fun activity,” not super academic, but the things that built classroom community and the kids loved it.

Basically… I gave each pair of kids about ten candy conversation hearts and they had to write a Valentine Story using the phrases on the hearts.  You know.  Phrases like “Be Mine.”  “Kiss Me.”  “Love U.”  “LOL”  “Yours 4EVR.” “Soul Mate.”   And so on.  I gave them a lot of latitude and some of the outcomes were SO FUNNY.

A group of boys who wrote a manual on how to “Get a Girl to go on a Date.”

A group who wrote a love letter.

But I will never forget when one group used the candy conversation heart with the phrase “On Fleek.”  I hesitated because I had no idea what it was, and wondered if it might be inappropriate and was backpeddling… What to do? what to do?

I just came out and asked them, and with an eye roll they explained to me.  But still.  When they were at lunch I googled it.  That is what you do when you teach middle school.

Did you notice I did not explain to you what it was?  Instead, I am sharing the youtube video I watched during that lunchtime.   Yeah, there is a little cussing, but enjoy.

3 thoughts on “To Be “On Fleek”

  1. Thanks for showing the follow-up video. One of the things I really love about it is that she’s very happy and proud with how she looks. So many teenagers and young adults have body issues and it’s great that she feels “on fleek”. Funny how it turned up in your classroom on Valentine’s. I learned it from a book : Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries.

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