Empty House. Weather. Anniversary.

My house is pretty empty.  It feels too soon to write about moving, we don’t close until October 12th, but it is weird to see the house so empty. We have been packing a bunch of boxes on the weekends, winnowing out what we do not need on a regular basis. Roboticly moving boxes, hauling out extra furniture.  Emptying out a room and checking it off the list.

It is blustery outside, and right now, under normal circumstances I would be putting out my fall decorations.  A bowl of mini pumpkins, orange lights in the window, orange and yellow napkins and leaf designed bling.  That is all packed up.  In a box.  In a storage unit.  Waiting.  Waiting to make it’s appearance in our new home.

Our Wedding Day.  I just laugh when I see this picture.  We look TERRIFIED.

So I pack a little, pace a little.  I read a bit, a fun book that seems like I might have read it before.  I drank plenty of  coffee, and have now switched to red wine in front of the glow of this computer. Earlier I baked a beautiful cake.  The occasion? It is our anniversary today.  Twenty-eight amazing years.  The rain is ubiquitous, it is too stormy for us to go out to dinner.  Instead we will eat in, (potatoes we harvested yesterday), eat cake and drink champagne and end the night watching a movie.


How many times today did I reach for something I needed, a spice, a spoon and found only an empty drawer or bare cupboard?  It felt like a hundred. Yes, our house is empty.  Echoey.  Not as cozy as it normally is.  But I will wrap a blanket around me, see if I can find a candle for ambiance and maybe, just maybe I can talk Scott into a rom-com!

(Prompt words: Robot,  spice, ubiquitous)


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