What We Hide

Photo Prompt: Ted Strutzs

With a hand on each elbow, the “kids” walked Marcy down to the yacht club. It was a lovely night, the moon shone on the water, and lights from the boats twinkled merrily.

It was Marcy’s 80th birthday, and she had a secret.

After toasts and well wishes, birthday cake nothing but crumbs, Marcy stood. She looked with love at those around her, her friends, her family. She signaled. Her grandson stood and opened a side door. There was a collective gasp, for there stood a woman, a woman identical to Marcy. They locked eyes and they shared a mischievous smile.

10 thoughts on “What We Hide

  1. Dear Beth,

    Marcy certainly opened the door on a lot of questions. A twin would be difficult to conceal for 80 years. Has her twin a family she’s been hiding Marcy from? Intriguing little tale. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.



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  2. Welcome to FF, Beth!
    Your story certainly took a surprising turn at the end. And your comment that the two switched lives at some point is startling. That would really shake up the family!
    Still, I’m sure Marcy has a good explanation, and her family has surrounded her with love, so I guess they’ll welcome her identical twin!

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