Poem #29

29th poem in the month of April. Prompt: Tantrum.

We put on music
And cleaned the house.
Placed tulips in the vase
Open a good
Bottle of red.
Set the table
With our best
Open the door
And invite
Guests in.
Sitting on the deck,
Sipping Gin and tonics,
Watching the waves
And boats 
The harbor.
Throughout all,
All the preparing,
All through the day, 
My mind has been 
Somewhere Else.
It has been 
A thousand miles away
At the bedside
Of a loved one,
It has been 
In a room,
Sterile and bright.

Knowing she is 
Miles and miles away.
Knowing there is
No way for me to be there.
Knowing that inside, 
In the deepest parts
In my mind 
I am in a tantrum,
Absolutely helpless
And frustrated.

I am in that room,
But really, I am
A thousand miles away
I clean my house
I cut some flowers
And I entertain.


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