Whale Watching


On my way home from work today I stopped to whale watch.  I have seen many whales on my way to work, and off and on while living here in Southeast Alaska.  Just the other day I stopped to watch them “bubble feed,” but didn’t have my camera.   (Bubble feeding, my non-seafaring friends is when humpback whales blow a bubble ring, trapping the krill (I guess) in the ring, then they come right up from underneath, mouths open and scoop ’em up.  It is impressive, you should you-tube it.)

Anyway, today was special.  Special because I actually had my camera out and this time I HEARD them.  Sure, I have heard the spouting, breaching, splashing noises, but this was “Whale Talk.”  You know.  Like Dory from “Finding Nemo.”  I had never heard that before, AND I caught some on tape and will share it with you.

Turn up your volume, a few seconds in, a few seconds before the whale breaches, there are these little R2D2 sounds.  Whale talk!  The second time he/she breaches is the typical spouty kind of sound.

7 thoughts on “Whale Watching

  1. Wow! This is incredible!! Whale season is just starting here for us! (Some have been spotted by Maui). We get to see the whales but never that close to shore! I didn’t know about the “bubbling.” Ive always just watched for the sprays or the jumping out. We hiked along Keana Point and had a pod follow us along the shore line )a little ways out though). It was really fun to see! The sounds on your video were so cool. You’re getting me excited for whale season for sure!

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    1. I understand “our whales” go to Hawaii for the winter. And, if I understand correctly, they breed and or calf while in Hawaii – they spend more time feeding while they are in Alaska. I have seen whales in Hawaii and they are definitely more frisky/playful there.

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