This House

Scott and I sold our house.  The kids are gone, the house is big and rattly now.  In a fortuitous turn of events, we bought a posh new house, a lovely dream home.  It makes sense, but still I am sad.  We move out in two weeks and the house is getting echoey as we move some items to storage and a large number to Good Will.  I drove home last night and had an overwhelming sense of sadness.  I looked around and realized I have lived here longer than anywhere else in my life.  We raised our kids here, Gracie was a toddler when we moved in.   All these emotions prompted this poem last night.  With a nod to “Where I am From” By George Ella Lyon.

This view over breakfast every morning. Gravina with fog in the hollows.
This house has
Wrapped it's arms
Around me,
It has graced me with
Snowy decks
And silver views.
Summer sun memories.
And Cats sprawled
Basking in 
Golden warmth.
Dogs with friendly tails
Wagging and waiting
For someone to play.

It has given me
Little girl's giggles,
Fantasies and fairy houses.
Sleepovers and scary movies.
And it is Memories of girls 
Older, crowded in a bathroom
Make-up, Hair
Proms, dances and dates.

We have been graced with
Winter wearable art
Late nights 
Ribbons and beads,
fabric and strands
Of glue and glitter. 

And Sleepy mornings
Coffee and toast.
Gravina, out the window,
An Island I can touch.
The mountains,
Misty valleys,
Foggy hollows.

And it has been those 
cuddles on couches
Favorite shows
Family routines.
Meals, communal
Around the table.
People we have loved,
New grandbabies,
Toddlers taking first steps
On even wooden floors.
Other people around that table,
People we have loved.
And Lost.




5 thoughts on “This House

  1. What a thoughtful, evocative poem, Beth. Lots of nostalgia; perfect for moving on and the season of Fall. After a winter hibernation feathering your new nest, your future home with its expansive views snd rolling lawns will help you welcome a new life and Spring. Wishing you both the space to embrace the memories and a smooth transition to your next adventure!

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